It was made half-filled and has a place just in the center of the Zile city center,which is a tumulus which,sees panoramically the plains.The castle was built by the Semiramis the queen of Nineveh by filling A water cistern with 182 stairs was found inside the castle as it was opened by the rain waters on 1985. There is a Roman amphitheater in the rocky place in the eastern side of the castle
The stage and backstage of the amphitheater ,which isthelastamphitheater in Northern Anatolia,are still underground,an excavation should be made
The restoration works of the entrance and the citadel of the castle are in progress and the activities to turn the old military barracks inside the castle to a museum continues.Historical Zile Castle also serves by birds-eye view on the top of the castle
Historical Zile Castle also serves as a national historical park for picnic purposes. İt is one of the most important historical sites which everybody visits Zile should see.

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